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PES 2016 brings us into the world of soccer in one of the most interesting ways. The improvements since Pro Evo Soccer 2015 are not as obvious as pinpointing more snappy soundbites or a faster and more entertaining gameplay. The game designers refined PES 2016 in such a way that you will find it hard to keep note of all the small improvements made to the game. Their continual small improvements had an accumulative effect that made a positive impact on the rest of the game. We have seen the remnants of the past PS2-era shaken off completely with the latest delivery of a faster and more fluid game.

Difference between PES 2016 and FIFA 16

The preference between PES 2016 and FIFA 16 will depend on personal interests. They both handle in distinctly different ways, and, while FIFA does a phenomenal job of recreating the appearance of soccer, PES has more exciting gameplay. The gameplay captures the atmosphere and vibe much better. Konami's football plays at a more exciting pace than its EA rival, and they do a better job at capturing the heart of the game. In terms of graphics, however, PES becomes a shadow of what FIFA has to offer, and this year's engine for PES is the FOX Engine.

When you hear reports how PES 2016 stomped FIFA 16 into a grave, you should take those reports with a tiny grain of salt. The big problem around PES 2016 is with the licensing issues. When you pick Pro Evo, it still means you have to live with a range of imaginary teams. Fans might say they don't care if they have to play as London FC or East Dorsetshire instead of Liverpool and Bournemouth, but this does make a difference. PES 2016 did do well, but it only actually beat FIFA 16 by a margin.

Other Areas PES 2016 Could be Improved

Among the various problems, you will notice dull tutorials, static screens and hard-to-navigate menus. It doesn't even come close to the standards of quality in FIFA. To be fair, however, PES 2016 did do a good job at improving the Master League mode. Nonetheless, "MyClub" and "Become a Legend" modes are somewhat awkward to play. It lacks the thrilling atmosphere of FIFA, which is a shame because the game designers improved these modes in a noteworthy fashion to rival FIFA's "Ultimate Team," but it still needs work to leap over the FIFA level.

The Matches Take on Their Own Personality

Every match in PES 2016 seems to have its own personality; you cannot predict the gameplay, and every game depends on your opponent. You are, however, still offered enough control that you do not have to conform to practice. But still, you'll want to play according to the strengths of your team, and keep your rivals from capitalizing on their strengths. When you are able to dictate the tempo of the match, you will likely find that you have scored more points than your opponent. If you select one of the less glamorous teams with limited talents, you could resort to the long balls towards your teammates and rough up the midfield. The game has a lot of strategy, and you should base your tactics on who you're facing. For example, a superstar winger can be tough to beat, but, if you cut off the supply lines and double the defense, you can create a fierce and powerful attack.

Jostling the Ball

Positioning yourself in the game becomes a lot about the timing, and you will press the buttons as needed. You can shuffle the ball away from your opponent with minimal contact, and meanwhile, the ball will bobble in a realistic way off your ankles and knees as the players come forward. You do have to stay smart about how you charge forward with challenges. You never know where the ball might fly forward, and if you only clatter against the opponent, it is one of the fastest ways to lose the ball. PES 2016 is more about being observant and maneuvering as needed. You can cannon your shots to anywhere on the field, and even if you have smacked off the bar, you want to shape the passes.

Simple Controls

What makes the gameplay so rewarding is the fact that you;ll have simple controls. You do not have to spend hours learning how to play the game because there's virtually no learning curve. It does, however, take some time to get really good, but, playing does not require to you have a great deal of knowledge. In last year's game, PES 2015 had some input delay with the passes. They eradicated this problem in PES 2016, and you have a greater sense of moment-to-moment soccer.

A Focus on the Superstars

As expected, Konami placed some attention on the superstars of the game to play like the real-life counterparts. For example, you will spot Arjen Robben with his spring-heeled zip or Cristiano Ronaldo's preening lope. You see the individuality of each player, and you will spot each player's unique talents. Because of the personality in the players, you can look at the strengths of that player to decide on a good tactic. If you're facing off against Vincent Kompany, you're not likely to win in a battle of strength, but you could still take advantage of his slower pace and steal the ball from him early before he picks up momentum.

PES 2016 has become more about strategy than ever before. You can use substitutions to switch up the gaming rhythm, and the AI will often play along with you. For example, your teammates will make a clever run, or they will manage the game like they would in real life. If you look past the graphics, PES 2016 has better overall gameplay.


  • Each player has his own personality
  • More about strategy than ever before
  • Simple controls to make the game easier to play
  • Every match has its own personality


  • Graphics not as good as FIFA 16
  • Menus and overall appearance fails to match up with FIFA 16

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